Hi there!

My name is Naomi – I’m passionate about marketing and beauty. My life & work has brought me in close contact with countless salons throughout Ireland, the UK, the United States and Canada.  I have heard first-hand the struggles – you are passionate about beauty, passionate about offering exceptional service and creating an amazing experience for your customers.  You understand marketing is important, but really – who has the time?!

Seeing this dilemma, I started “Social For Salons”

We specialise in marketing salons and creating customised content.  We have three levels available:

Bronze – Teach Me:

For the motivated and driven among you, we offer webinars & ebooks to show you the best and most effective strategies to use to grow your salons’ clientele.  We show you exactly what to do – and how- so you can create your own marketing strategies that are guaranteed to grow your business.

Silver – Help Me:

This package provides templates, emails, and social media posts that you can use.  You get high-quality, effective, personal emails, posts and memes – without any of the work!  Just cut, paste & send (or post!). We offer a variety of monthly packages to choose from.

Gold – Just do it!

We understand how busy you are offering exceptional salon services to your customers, leave it to us to do the marketing.  Our team of professionals will collaborate with you – and then do all the work!  Our team of marketers and graphic designers will handle your social media marketing, email marketing, blog posts and even video creation.  The sky is literally the limit.  Enjoy the benefits of a full-time marketer on your team, without the cost or hassle!

I’d love to hear from you and how I can help you!


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